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Many homes have already replaced their gas or ceramic hob with a hob. Is an! Is it as good as the ads say? Or is it just fashion? If you are considering fixing your hobby, read on, because in this post we will take all your doubts about the installation and use of mounting plates.
Here you will find all the answers and learn all the strengths and weaknesses of this electronic device. Built-in panels: profitable enough to convert? If you're still reading this post, you probably want to buy a hobby for inclusion or just curiosity. And yes, you're right: built-in hobs are considered the kitchen of the future: they are easier to clean, fast, elegant, comfortable and less used than regular ones induction cooktop.
However, not everything is positive. This article will also explain all the keys to understanding how the entry system works, what its benefits are, what kitchen utensils you need, and other details you should consider before purchasing and installing it. Is an! What is an entry system and how does it work?
A built-in hob is a type of ceramic hob that directly heats the pan using an electric field that radiates heat. It consists of a very strong magnet connected to an electric field. Thanks to this magnet, the hobs only work with a few ferromagnetic pans.
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